The name for this Moomin character is Stinky. He can be thick or thin and very different looking like you can see from picture below. On the bottom of foots are texts Atelier Fauni Finland and in other feet text Stinky or Haisuli. She is ca. 12 cm (ca. 5 inch) height. I have never seen different size of Stinky trolls. He as other Atelier Fauni's Moomin trolls is made between 1950's...1970's.
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Same text below written as finnish...

Tämä Muumihahmo on nimeltään Haisuli. Haisuli voi olla joko laiha tai tukevampi ja sen ilme voi vaihdella paljonkin eri peikoilla kuten kuvasta näkyy.
Jalkapohjissa on tekstit Atelier Fauni Finland toisessa ja Stinky tai Haisuli toisessa jalassa. Kooltaan hahmo on n. 12 cm, muun kokoisia en ole koskaan nähnyt.
Haisuli, kuten muutkin Atelier Faunin Muumihahmot on valmistettu 1950...1970 luvuilla.

First Moomin Trolls are made by Atelier Fauni in Finland from 1950's to 1970's.
The company Atelier Fauni is working today in USA and the homepage for them is:


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