Saab Lancia at scale 1/20

Saab Lancia Rally... Finnisn made Promo car

Saab_Lancia_White_Rally_aN.jpg (82443 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_White_Rally_bN.jpg (75145 bytes)

The Finnish version is below...

The Estonia version is below...

Saab_Lancia_Blue_Finland_aN.jpg (23292 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_Blue_Estonia_aN.jpg (25669 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_Blue_Finland_bN.jpg (22958 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_Blue_Estonia_bN.jpg (25766 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_Bottom_Finland.jpg (71782 bytes)

Saab_Lancia_Bottom_Estonia.jpg (69031 bytes)

Company Stahlberg makes the Finnish version at 1980’s. The Estonian version is made at 1990's.

These cars are from my collection... Not for sale!

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