"Candybag Cars" at scale 1/50

ch5_alfa1_s.jpg (3856 bytes) ch5_bmw1_s.jpg (3932 bytes) ch5_chrysler1_s.jpg (3824 bytes) ch5_citroen1_s.jpg (3678 bytes)
Alfa Romeo BMW 1800Ti Chrysler 300 Citroen ID-19
No Picture available! No Picture available! ch5_maveric1_s.jpg (3256 bytes) ch5_mustang1_s.jpg (3586 bytes)
Fiat Ford Anglia Ford Mercury Ford Mustang
ch5_taunus1_s.jpg (4140 bytes) ch5_zephyr1_s.jpg (3827 bytes) ch5_hillman1_s.jpg (4039 bytes) ch5_jaguar1_s.jpg (3415 bytes)
Ford Taunus Ford Zephyr Hillman Minx Jaguar 2.4L
ch5_jaguar_e1_s.jpg (3926 bytes) No Picture available! ch5_opel1_s.jpg (3788 bytes) ch5_peugeot1_s.jpg (3764 bytes)
Jaguar E Type Mercedes 220 Opel Rekord Peugeot 404
ch5_rambler1_s.jpg (3999 bytes) ch5_renault1_s.jpg (3420 bytes) ch5_bentley1_s.jpg (4197 bytes) ch5_rover1_s.jpg (3381 bytes)
Rambler Classic Renault Floride Rolls-Royce Rover
ch5_toyota1_s.jpg (3968 bytes) ch5_saab1_s.jpg (3657 bytes) ch5_triumph1_s.jpg (3998 bytes) ch5_valiant1_s.jpg (3638 bytes)
Toyota Crown Saab 96 Triumph Herald Valiant
ch5_volvo1_s.jpg (3895 bytes) ch5_wartburg1_s.jpg (3811 bytes) . .
Volvo Amazon Wartburg. . .

All the models in this series cannot be found on this page.
Some of these has company name Muovo stamped on the bottom of the car.
I am also interested about those cars I haven't had yet.
Also car with Batman logo available...
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 These items are from my collection... Not for Sale!
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