Following Trolls are designed and made by Atelier Fantasia in Finland

fantasia_01_s.jpg (3040 bytes)
Patu  9 cm

fantasia_04_s.jpg (3385 bytes)
Patu  9 cm

fantasia_06_s.jpg (3127 bytes)
Name? 9 cm

fantasia_07_s.jpg (3305 bytes)
Name? 9 cm

Picture is coming...
Ofilia 9 cm

fantasia_02_s.jpg (3831 bytes)
Name? 15 cm

fantasia_03_s.jpg (4631 bytes)
Rune 15 cm

fantasia_05_s.jpg (3681 bytes)
Rurik 15 cm

fantasia_08_s.jpg (4179 bytes)
Daddy 15 cm

fantasia_logo_s.jpg (4768 bytes)
Atelier Fantasia sign

Trolls below are probably made by Atelier Fantasia
but seems to designed by Atelier Fauni

fantasia_sumppi_s.jpg (3198 bytes)
Sumppi ca. 15 cm

fauni_sumppi14_s.jpg (2498 bytes)
Sumppi ca. 15 cm

fauni_sumppi08_s.jpg (2889 bytes)
Sumppi ca. 15 cm

fantasia_edward01_s.jpg (2902 bytes)
Edward ca. 15 cm

fantasia_logo4_s.jpg (5137 bytes)
Sign from Sumppi Troll

fauni_mushroom02_s.jpg (2923 bytes)
Mushroom ca. 15 cm

fauni_naksu04_s.jpg (2625 bytes)
Naksu ca. 15 cm

fauni_naksu06_s.jpg (3058 bytes)
Naksu ca. 15 cm

fantasia_noppa01_s.jpg (2656 bytes)
Noppa ca. 15 cm

fantasia_poppa01_s.jpg (2610 bytes)
Poppa ca. 15 cm

These Trolls are designed by Atelier Fauni but I think made by Atelier Fantasia.
Why I think so:
-You can compare the "Patu" sticker to Sumppi sticker in this page and make your own opinion of it.
-You can compare the eyes of all trolls in this page... those are quite similar (the shape and often the color).
-Minna Kuuskoski from Atelier Fauni she say these are not made by them.

Check also Atelier Fauni site!

These items are from my collection... Not for sale!

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