Welcome to pages with many Finnish made old toys...

Hi, my name is Tapani Suominen and I live in southern coast of Finland near town called Salo. I have made these sites because of my hobby... collecting old toys. These pages have been here now since 1998 and many positive feedback has received in these years.

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Every toy collectors all over the world knows Japanese, German, US etc. toys but nearly nobody has heard or seen Finnish made toys before.
Therefore I want to present some Finnish made toys for you also. History of the toy industry in Finland started about 1940. At sixties here was many little companies which were making plastic toys, unfortunately they didn't usually sign their products. Therefore it's very hard to recognize their toys and there can be also some errors in these pages.
Anyway... if you collect for example plastic toys I'm sure you can find some interesting items also from my sites.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Finnish "toy world".

PS. If you have some information or questions about Finnish made toys... you can always send an eMail...00_email.jpg (1985 bytes)