Old Dolls and "thinks" for Dolls... made in Finland

martta_pipsa2_s.jpg (2724 bytes)
Composition Dolls made by Martta Nukketeollisuus

vaasa_doll_s.jpg (3009 bytes)
Finnish made Dolls
by unknown makers

aulanko_dol_s.jpg (2368 bytes)
Souvenir Doll "Aulanko"

joutjarvi1_a.jpg (3987 bytes)
Finnish made
Doll Carriages
hilkka_doll_s.jpg (2301 bytes)
Plastic Dolls made by
Hilkka Nukke
papco_doll2_s.jpg (2374 bytes)
Paper collecting Dolls
frank_doll1_s.jpg (2110 bytes)
Wooden Dolls designed
by Kaj Frank
niemi75.jpg (1759 bytes)
Toys for girls made by Niemen Lelutehdas
dollytex_lotto_s.jpg (2347 bytes)
Dolls made by Dollytex
polar_lap21_s.jpg (2528 bytes)
Dolls made by Polarnukke
doll_iivonen_2s.jpg (4546 bytes)
Dolls designed by
Kaija-Riitta Iivonen
u_ruokakalusto_s1.jpg (3543 bytes)u_pesukalusto_s1.jpg (3311 bytes)
Wooden Dishes for Dolls made in Finland at 1940's
nokia_doll2_s.jpg (2249 bytes)
Rubber dolls made by
Nokia at 1940's
roytex_doll_s.jpg (2243 bytes)
Rubber Doll made by Roytex
herrala_head2_s.jpg (2690 bytes)
Doll Heads made by
different Manufacturers
furnitures_w14_s.jpg (3328 bytes)
Furniture's for dolls
vaasadoll1921_s.jpg (7083 bytes)
Dolls made by Vaasan Nukke- ja Kehystehdas
kurikka_doll2_s.jpg (7039 bytes)
Dolls made by Kurikan Laatikko- ja Nukketehdas
Dolls made by Herralan (Jokilampi) Nukketehdas furnitures_w02_s.jpg (3712 bytes)
Doll house furniture's made in Finland 1950's-70's
Dolls made by
Lahja Kaaros
Toy Foyndry "Ampi" Doll Surgery and
Cottage Industry Granary
Dolls made in Naantali at 1800's
Dolls and toys made by
Karjalan Lelu
Dolls and toys made by
Järvenpään Lelu
Dolls and toys made by
Kuningas Lelu
Doll heads made by
Velpe Oy
Dolls made by
Soma - Lelu Oy
Dolls made by
Dolls made by
Haikara Nukke
Dolls and toys made by Lelutehdas Suomi
(Kuopion Lelutehdas)

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